Welcome to Shri Kankeshwari Deviji Inst. Of Technology

The Kankeshwari Devi Institute of Technology is first degree engineering college in jamnagar district as SFI.Jamnagar is the jwel of kathiawar,is on the coast of gulf of kutch in the state of gujarat,india.

The climate is very pleasent & peaceful & suitable for the teaching enviroment.We are going to make our institute as a university & this university constists of colleges of various disciplines for engineering college,medical college,astronomy & vedas.

The primary motive of KIT is to train young men and women able and eaqer to create & put into action such ideas,methods,techniques and information.

From the desk of Chairman
From the desk of Trustee block If some one has this obvious question in mind.Why we are having interest in school and college activity?

The answer is since vedic period till today education has played an imporatant role in developing human personlaity more educated and impllresive. So we felt a neccesity of constructive and effective education with our lectures deliverd.

From the Desk of Trustee
Secretary's Desk

This Engineering college starts with the special blessing of "Shri kankeshwari deviji".

She is a great "philosopher" and "kathakar" in the spiritual world. She has given the world a divine soul bearing unconditional love and libearting self knowledge to lead the masses on the path to ultimate peace...